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About Anabel Vizcarra

Embodiment Mentor • Womb Shaman • Former Mystery School Teacher

Who is Anabel Vizcarra?

Passionate about the FULL SPECTRUM power available through feminine embodiment, Anabel Vizcarra is a willing guide for courageous woman who are ready to create a Great Shift in both their lives & their ancestral lineage. 

She knows that when women summon the courage to go deep into self work, grace will always meet them in their depths, lifting them to equal heights of miracles & fulfillment.

In 2009, after a series of crisis (divorce, business bankruptcy and a great deep hole of debt) left her broken, confused, and empty. Anabel was forced to look at the way she had been leading and (not) truly living her life. And it during this time, when nothing seemed to make sense and everything had crumbled. that a question emerged from the depths of her soul:

"What will I teach my son about what is valuable for a fulfilled life?"

It was that question that inevitably led her on a long and arduous Heroines Quest into Ayurvedic Medicine, Womb Shamanism, Gene Keys, Somatic Psychotherapy training and Epigenetic & Quantum Studies.

In the years between 2012 to 2018, after years of navigating her own underworld and reemergence, Anabel was called to serve as a senior mentor for an ancient Feminine Mystery School. It was there that she realized and began to witness that a woman’s embodied healing inevitably pours out into the world as a kind of ‘earned light’, that uplifts the world in a unique way; the expression and medicine of her very own ‘soulprint’.

Today, Anabel continues to delve deeper and deeper into her work as an Embodiment Mentor, weaving together grounded inner-work, with the great beauty of being a FULL SPECTRUM WOMAN.

Her body of work is a synthesis of all her years of training and experience; it is unique, authentic, Spirit led and woven together with golden threads of her own cultivated gnosis.

Mentoring the Path of Embodiment

Beyond all else, Anabel's work is devoted to helping women cultivate their very own gnosis. To be so deeply seated in their Queendom, that their whole world falls in to order— mirroring their internal level of development.


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