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The path of spiritual embodiment can help you tap into the wisdom of your womb, harness your feminine power, and bring a unique, powerful perspective to your professional life. Connect with the source of your intuition and let Anabel guide you on a journey towards self-discovery and radiant embodiment.

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Guiding courageous women towards the Restoration of their Solar-Radiance

Remember the energy of your source. Reconnect with the wisdom of your womb.

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Generational Wounding has disconnected the Feminine from its birthright

The world is disconnected from feminine wisdom, and this is causing men and women to collapse into exhaustion, toxic habits, and deep societal distortions. That’s why I am helping men and women to restore an authentic connection with the source of who they truly are, so that they may finally feel the clarity and power of walking in the world with an open and radiant heart.

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When I came to Anabel I was overwhelmed and swimming in confusion and doubt. through her guidance I was able to ground back into my body and womb. I hadn't realized that it was within my body, where I was holding all of the confusion and doubt. Anabel helped me process the Grief that had been bottled up for so long. I wouldn’t have descended so deep into this doorway without feeling safe, this was important for me, and this is exactly what she gave me when I came to work with her. A safe space and permission to go deep.

- Gloria Valdez


It's been a long and arduous journey that's taken me on wild adventures into the Underworld and behind the veil. And now, here I am, answering the call to share this wisdom. To share secrets kept hidden for far too long, here to answer the call of my sisters who are ready to go deeper. Who are ready to awaken to their potent and luminous power in order to become the whole and sensual women they are meant to be.


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Nurturing a Sense of Belonging

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