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June 9th-13th - Palomar Mountain, CA

Save My Place


The womb is the portal of sacred energy that helps woman create, stand out and manifest her deepest desires and passions. It is the source, the fountain of wisdom, the place of regenerative power and of alchemical creativity.

And yet, there is a deep disconnect- a kind of forgetting that woman has experienced. 

When we breathe with our wombs, we activate a creative energy that ignites a vitality and imagination which makes us feel at home, and in our bodies. 
ā€‹There are over 70,000 nerve endings in our bellies, while only 50,000 are found within the brain.
Learning how to connect, enliven and live from this center, opens a world of potential that for many of us has been shut down.


Our womb is the place where Spirit steps into form.

Because of trauma, generational wounding and collective conditioning. Woman has forgotten that in her body dwells a treasure of divine intelligence where she can dissolve and rebirth anything! Her own Queendom. Her divine birthright. A place where she can commune with the Divine and find authentic belonging, self trust, forgiveness and most of all... her hearts unconditional love and unique truth. 

A field of receptivity opens when we learn to listen from the womb versus the mind

A discernment arises that allows us to sense truth,  take aligned action & feel an unshakeable sense of resiliency.  We reconnect to the web of life, to the natural rhythms and the magical seasonality of our woman being. We surrender our victim stories because we embody the greater story, the divine has generously given to us. We learn to lead lives that are adaptable, imaginative, graceful and efficient. 

When willing and brave wombs gather and connect in physical spaces, we create a portal of transformation. A space for healing of the most tender wounds and traumas. We dissolve what is keeping us in division with each other and  from realizing the truth of our fierce innocence and incredible gentle power.

This field forms a collective womb in which we can rebirth ourselves and baptize through atonement, the liberation of our lineages.

"Feminine isn't a gender, it's a dimension"

This ā€‹5 Day Retreat is a Deep Dive; An initiation into the feminine realms of Womb Consciousness.

This is a realm that holds many gifts of authentic sisterhood, remembering,
witnessing, healing, ā€‹surrendering and igniting of the Divine... a wisdom that already dwells within you.

You will learn and remember tools and somatic practices that will help you as you return to the world, so that you put into practice what you have learned, and embody the divinity you are in your EVERYDAY LIVING.

Save My Place

Retreat Itinerary

June 9th-13th - Location: Palomar Mountain, CA

Check In: 9th at 10 am - Check out: 13th at 4pm

Day 1: Womb Power - Sound & Attunement

Attunement to your Womb Space & the collective portal.

Practice: Movement of energy through sound.

Focus: understanding Womb Consciousness and activating it in your body as a Source energy flow to redirect emotions, feelings, experiences. 

Day 2: Womb Revival - Reconnection

Sacred Anatomy - Energetic Physiology

Practice: Remembering dove mysteries, weaving energy grids, 'white river' practices

Focus: Activation of sensing body, self healing, compassion & collective grace. Yin exploration of Feminine Power & Healing

Day 3: Alchemy - Transmutation

Retrieve & Alchemize the Origins & Power of 'Dark Feminine' Wounds.

Practice: Exercising ancient Dragon Mysteries, remembering 'red river' power.

Focus: Boundaries, learning to Re-direct energies, influencing energy flow. Fierce self acceptance, self- healing and lineage alchemy. 
Yang flow of Feminine Power & Healing.

Day 4: Regeneration - Integration

Energetic and Physical Digestion.

Practice: Ancient priestess practices and somatic movement that facilitates wisdom to become incarnate in energy field and flesh. 

Focus: Understanding how to weave the insights and breakthroughs into the body awareness and every day life. This is an area little talked about, and holding 90% of the power to develop and mature in discernment, compassion and grace on the ongoing journey. 

Day 5: Magnetism - Radiance 

We will close our time together with a special Ancestral Womb Blessing & celebratory communion.   

Save Your Place

Exchange: $3,500.00

Payment Options available upon request

Purchase Includes: Meals  prepared by private chef and your accomodations in a beautiful home in the Palomar Mountains.

Enter your name below and we can jump on a call to discuss your attendance.

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Women were once shamans, wisdom keepers & oracles for their communities. Within our bodies we still carry these codes of creation, of collaboration with the Divine. Our bodies weave the unseen into material & flesh! Our bodies are temples of the Divine and yet, we walk around feeling homeless, unseen and alone in the busyness of the external world.

In these 5 days together, we will get to explore, learn, feel and SEE for yourself what is possible when you REMEMBER the God that lives within you, the bountiful beauty that breathes you alive, and the immense power of blossoming that awaits you within your being.

This is an invitation to a remembrance, a place your deep psyche ALREADY knows.

An EMBODIED SPIRITUALITY that is full spectrum, that spans the thousand women that live within you, and have come before you.
I am deeply grateful to serve as your guide as we dive deep into the underworld, middle world and upper world of feminine consciousness.We will navigate the life force & flow of the RED RIVER AND WHITE RIVER within our bodies. The unification of these two streams of consciousness brings forth the magnetism and the radiance that is every woman's birthright. Her unique Soulprint & activated Queendom.

Together, we will retrieve the wisdom you are ready to receive and overflow into your lives!

Held and rooted by the frequency of pure love and devotion of the Divine Mother, we will come together as the ancient lineage of the Marias (priestess lineage) once did, to partake in this remembrance and future birth of our individual and collective- healed psyche.

Through priestess practices, quantum- light wisdom and somatic application we will weave together, a tapestry of healing and deep authentic love.

If you have further inquiry please email me to connect!

Themes Explored During this Retreat

  • Womb Healing - Awakening
  • Embodied Spirituality - Emotional Mastery
  • Dark Feminine Wounds
  • Sexuality: White River/Red River
  • Sister Wound/ Mother Wound
  • Sovereignty/ Feminine Leadership
  • Empowerment/Surrender
  • Intergenerational Trauma
  • Collective/Social Healing
  • Grief - Lamentationā€‹
  • Forgiveness - Fierce Compassion
  • Priestess Practice & Ritual
  • Working with Archetypes
  • Shamanic Dreamwork Death and Rebirth
  • Heart Led Service
  • Womb Portal Radiance
  • Activating Light Body
  • Abundance & Devotion 
  • Mystical Magdalene & Marian Insights