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The Ugly Cry

Jun 30, 2020

The ugly cry.
The ugly cry is a cry of liberation. 

It is the reclamation of our forgotten ability and natural need, to wail and lament.

This inner wisdom comes to us when what pains us hurts too much to be contained or explained. 

It is necessary in assisting the body to transmute density, darkness & pain into greater light and deeper love. 

The ugly cry is also how we cultivate bandwidth, grit, resilience and grace. It grounds us in honoring the necessary grief within our bodies to be processed. It also allows us to digest the colonized beliefs of quiet suffering and, of all the grids of false image and expectations we may be consciously or unconsciously agreeing to. 

The ugly cry is a most necessary aspect of reinstating our animal nature into right place. 

When we don’t allow our animal body to howl, cry or lament our wounds keep festering, growing in impatience, anxious to be let out, desperately scratching away at the inner caverns of our beings.

We are taught to admire a false and illusory image of strength in the world, but we forget that most of what we see out there is strength that has never been tested.  

We harness our resilience and our true strength from the challenges of wounds that leave us more supple, more gentle and more refined. 

We heal ourselves THROUGH our wounds. We are made strong THROUGH them and we are softened by the elixir of our tears.

True strength is a sacred watermark of divine design. 
It is the poise of a soul which is at one with a life that honors and engages its wildness and its rawness and in turn, reveals the inner beauty that is a radiance deep in the heart of the temple of our beings. 

I encourage you to cry, cry a lot. It is liberating. There is nothing noble or strong about holding tears back or swallowing pain that is ready to be transformed. 

It is cleansing. It is healing. It is not only what we need more of, but what we collectively need more of right now. 

As this collective body continues to journey deeper into its trauma, we can all hold our own thread of healing through our ability to grieve and lament our heartbreak. 

Wail, lament, allow your tears and sounds to refine your radiance and transmute the density of suffering, into the elegant beauty that is always birthed from pain. 

And if you dare, I invite you to post your #uglycryselfiechallenge as a war cry to the return of our precious grief as necessary practice, and not giving a fuck about looking pretty whilst at it. 

Grief is meant to be witnessed. It’s meant to be raw. It's a necessary process to a lighter heart, that honors what it has lost as medicine. 

It was this way in our ancient villages and our bodies can still remember it.

Anabel Vizcarra 

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