Love is for the Courageous

Jul 20, 2018

There's a fierce commitment to self love and tending required to allow someone you love to be in their uncertainty without rushing them. To give them space without needing them to do what we think they should or offering any ‘how to'. 

It is a profound testament of love to honor another in this way. Our own inadequacies and needs can rush to fix what seems to be uncertain. To make right what seems to be wrong. 

There is fierce love in stepping back into our own discomfort and sense of potential loss. To restrain from needing to be helpful or be helpless, but rather allow the other to come into their own realizations, in their own time and in their own way. 

Come what may. 

It is in that space of surrendering of any solution where once again our loving can embrace us, our authentic boundaries can hold us and the truth about whats happening can emerge.

It is in the space of honoring another in this way that we can choose to BE love and accept what is, over choosing to grasp for some sense of control which only creates further separation and chaos. 

We can have a really hard time accepting what life is telling us in the NOW because its not saying what we WANT it to say. So, as we keep breathing into the surrender of this flow we can remind ourselves that to love, is to allow and to let be.  

That to truly love another means above all, to be willing to honor where they are and accept that life knows best. Always.

There is a fierce and devotional loving that says 'your will for you is my will for you'. 

This maturity in love can only emerge through an awakened and Divinely empowered lover. Yes, love like this can be co-created. 

True empowered love is for the courageous. 

Have you ever been asked for this space? 

Have you ever needed this space but betrayed yourself to please another?

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