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Deep Dive Embodiment Journey

1:1 Mentorship with Anabel Vizcarra

Next opening starts February 2023
20k payment plan available

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This Deep Dive voyage will reconnect & cultivate your gnosis, the all-knowing sage that lives deep within you.

It is an opportunity to invite honesty, alignment, support and harmony into your every day reality within a potent container for growth, breakthrough, and the transformational Truth of your Soul.

It is time dear woman.
You are worthy of a life that supports your being.
You are worthy of your own love, energy and attention.
Of your embodied forgiveness, of your own acceptance and
of making more aligned decisions, to thrive in life.
You are worthy of your DEEPEST DESIRES.
You are worthy of a container that can hold ALL OF YOU.
​It is time to commit to YOU and unveil the powerful woman that already lives within you.


​In this transformative voyage into the heart of who you are, your challenges and the next level of living into your deepest desires, we will journey within to:

  • ​develop your gnosis (inner knowing) YES, we all have this divine voice and guidance within us!
  • create energetic safety & support for diving deep & making space for the hidden and abandoned places in us to emerge
  • move into the body through somatic movement: practices to move stagnant energy and liberate energetic pathways
  • reprogram subconscious limiting beliefs: awareness shifts beliefs AND in order to reinforce NEW neural pathways we must have certain practices in place.
  • explore & reclaim abandoned fragments of yourself:
  • reframe stories & learn to relate to your trauma in an empowering way: your experience IS your power, as difficult as that may seem, we will delicately uncover and reclaim the gift in the folds of our painful experiences.
  • gain a greater self-awareness, sense of peace, self-acceptance, a deeper belonging, a greater discernment for decision making, a strong & healthy sense of boundaries
  • tap into the beauty, strength, lusciousness, and inherent power of your being: an embodied life awaits, your flow, your love your sacred womanhood!

That dream you've been holding onto, you CAN have it. It's time to commit.

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How does it work?

  • We will meet, online once every two weeks for 90 minutes.
  • In the first session, we will assess your challenges & desired outcomes for our voyage. We will get clear on our commitments for our time together.
  • You will then receive a prescriptive plan of action and BEING that supports your goals and journey for the coming weeks.
  • Bi-weekly sessions will be used to talk about what is coming forward and to journey deeper into what needs to be acknowledged and transmuted.
  • I will work with you intuitively and pull from my cultivated gnosis, intellectual knowledge, and embodied experience working with potent modalities like Womb Work, Shamanic Journeying, Physiological Regeneration, Somatic Psychology, Ayurveda, The Gene Keys, Breath Work, & PsychK, as needed.

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